About Tabby Teas

Here at Tabby Teas we currently house 11 permanent residents, who are all rescue cats. Our aim is to provide a relaxing and calming environment for both customers and cats to enjoy each other's company. Whether you are coming with a group of friends, or venturing by yourself for some kitty cuddles, we're sure you'll have the purr-fect time.


We work with 2 local charities; Mill House Animal Sanctuary and Pet Samaritans. These charities help us to select the right cats for the cafe to ensure they are all happy living here. All of our residents are indoor cats and love the company of other felines and humans too! If you are looking to adopt we would recommend you contact Mill House Animal Sanctuary or Pet Samaritans, who have lots of lovely cats waiting for new homes.






“Sheffield might not seem like the place to find one of best cat cafes out there, but Tabby Teas excels in all areas.  I can only encourage you to go and see for yourself!”


“A massive thank you to all at Tabby Teas for having us along - and the cats too! We fully recommend it to any cat lover (Jessica's normally a 'dog person' but I think she's converted now!).”