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请不要捡起包围它们。 ​


我们不接受超过6 人的团体。

儿童必须年满 10岁才能进入。

14 岁以下必须是  由成人监督



I, the Guest, agree that Tabby Teas (hereinafter TT), its owners, staff, voluntary workers and/or any other affiliated agents shall not be liable for any expense, damage, loss or cost accruing to myself whether as a result of negligence, wilful action or recklessness, to the extent that such liability may be excluded or limited by law. I acknowledge that cats may behave unpredictably, may bite or scratch, and may transmit infection and/or disease. I will not hold TT liable for any emotional, physical, personal or property damage suffered while participating, both directly and/or indirectly, to the extent that such liability may be excluded or limited by law.



I, the Guest, agree to abide by all rules and regulations that TT may impose regarding visiting the premises and interacting with the cats (i.e. the house rules). I agree to follow all house rules and to undertake all activities in a responsible manner. If I am unwilling or unable to follow any of the house rules, it will immediately terminate my continuation of activities at TT, and I will not be entitled to any refund.



I acknowledge that I have read and have understood all of the above terms and that I agree to abide by them whilst visiting TT.

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