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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to book?

Booking is absolutely necessary to avoid disappointment. We rarely have space for walk ins. 

We recommend booking a couple of weeks in advance for weekends as they fill up very quickly.

How much is the entry fee?

The entry fee is £9 per person and covers an hour in the cafe. This is paid in advance when you book online. This entry fee goes towards the care of all our rescue kitties. 

Can I book in for a large group? 

Due to the nature of our cafe, we do not accept bookings of more than 6 people. This is to maintain a calm and relaxing atmosphere for both cats and humans. 

Please do not place multiple bookings to bypass the system or you may be turned away.

Do you have wheelchair access?

There are two large steps at the entrace of the cafe. We have ramps that we can put out for wheelchairs. Please leave a note on your booking to request these.

There is also a step to the toilet which we can move one of the ramps to.

Can I bring my child/baby?

Children must be 10 or above to visit. This applies to babies too. There must be at least 1 adult per 2 children.

My child is well behaved, will you make an exception?

We do not make exceptions.

Parents must bring some ID to prove that your child is over 10. 

Can I bring food/treats for the cats?

Whilst we really appreciate the thought, our cats are on specific diets so we cannot accept any donations of food/treats. However, do feel free to email us to ask what brands they can have and we will happily let you know.

Please donate any unwanted food to the cat shelters who really need it.

Can I donate toys?

Please also donate these to the cat shelters. Our cats are very spoilt and have plenty of toys already! 

Are your cats up for adoption?

Our cats are residents at the cafe as long as they are 100% happy. If we think a cat is unhappy in the cafe environment, then we will find a more suitable home for them.

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