Resident Cats


AKA: 'Pod, Hop a long

Many are curious as to how Tripod lost her leg, however no one is quite sure what happened. In any case, it doesn't seem to bother her much. She's one of the friendliest cats in the café and is always up for a cuddle. As a keen climber, she can often be found in one of the hammocks in the front window. 


AKA: Wookeh, Wook-Wook

Wookie is a trained chef and seasoned veteran of the catering industry. His in-depth knowledge of culinary science has ensured that his brand of cookies remain a firm favourite. He tends to spend a lot of time chilling on the big cushions next to the double doors, but will  move closer to guests when seeking a bit of company or a nice chin rub.



AKA: Queen Luna, The Sassy Lady

Luna is very much in charge as CEO and can usually be found snoozing atop of the cat tree near the kitchen. This vantage point offers the perfect view from which she can gaze down on her subjects, as well as an ideal position to dispense sassy justice on those attempting to stroke her without her approval.


AKA: Brolaf, O'loaf, The Big Tart

As the face of Tabby Teas, Olaf always draws a crowd and doesn't he know it. Some believe that Olaf's overwhelming popularity has gone to his head, as most of his efforts are now spent on the acquisition and application of ear tuft enhancement products.



AKA: Montasaurus Rex, Monty Man, The Full Monty

Mr. Monty is both a very friendly chap and highly sophisticated gentleman. He can usually be found lounging somewhere near the front desk, however he is known to frequently carry out thorough investigatory patrols of the café interior.


AKA: The Lap Cat

Domino is a very friendly feline and exceptionally affectionate towards hoo-mans, earning herself the title of resident lap cat. She can be very vocal whilst partaking in her regular exercise sessions on the cat wheel at the front of the café.


Mr Business

AKA: Mr Biz, The Businessman

Possessing a vast wealth of knowledge from management roles within the financial services industry, Mr Business has proven himself invaluable as our Chief Chonk Executive. During office hours, he likes to find a comfy chair to oversee café operations and entertain visitors.


Gomez is a little more laid back than the other kittens. He likes to take things at his own pace and will watch others play from afar before deciding to get involved. He loves lounging around and wrestling with his sister Nyx, you'll usually find them cuddling together in front of the kitchen.



Our little ninja Nyx loves to hunt and play, patiently waiting for the right time to strike! After a successful hunt she will have a quick nosey through everyone’s belongings, trying to find a cosy napping spot.


Fresh out of feline culinary school, Ainsley is here to cook up a storm in the kitchen! He’s a spicy boi with a whole lotta flavour and he loves a good fuss.


Hall of Heroes

Cats who have been re-homed or are no longer with us...


Odin was one of the first cats to join Tabby Teas. She was very elderly and in poor health, but an absolute sweetheart. Many visitors got a chance to sit with her on the big red cushion and give her some cuddles. Sadly she passed away in October 2017. We loved her dearly and she will not be forgotten...


Mr. Vince was a lovely old boy who loved to snooze on his favourite cushion. Unfortunately, he passed away at the start of November 2019. Staff and visitors alike loved Vince to bits and can all fondly recall him basking in the sun and purring like a little pigeon.


Xena is a very shy creature and was a bit too much of a scaredy-cat for day to day life at the café. She would spend a lot of time up in the cat jungle but was very friendly on the rare occasions she ventured down. She now lives happily with one of our employees.



As the first CEO of Tabby Teas, Geoff's management expertise and strategic insights were essential to the first four years of operations. Having successfully established the business as one of the UK's premiere hospitality destinations, Geoff's work was complete and he retired in July 2021. He now lives happily with a member of staff, keeping an eye on proceedings in a purely advisory role.


Beardy is a feisty lady and was a popular resident whilst living at the café. She's very playful and was renowned for her tendency to attack and run off with the toys. She's now living with one of the neighbours of the owners, and has become very attached to them!


Leo was living in a hedgerow in Waitrose car park, so the Tabby Teas Rescue Team decided to bring him to the café. We found his previous owner but they were unable to look after him. Leo has been adopted into a lovely new family and enjoys nothing better than wandering in the garden.


As a pedigree cat, it was surprising that Wilson ended up at Mill House and thus at Tabby Teas. He was loved by many of the staff and customers alike, but being a Bengal kitten made him a bit too much for some of our older cats to handle... He's now happily re-homed with a couple in Rotherham, who adore him to bits!


AKA: Bonnie, Bee

Bonbon was a prim and proper lady of aristocatic heritage, her majestic mane signified her elite status. She is now happily rehomed and living with one of our lovely staff members!



The Soss was a cushion cat, preferring to reside on the large, circular bed at the front of the café. Although she was initially a bit timid, she came out of her shell and was very affectionate. She now lives a life of luxury in a palatial dwelling in Sheffield.


Prince is a lovely chap and was on extended holiday at Tabby Teas for over a year, whilst his palace was being renovated. He was given the royal pardon in autumn 2018 and swiftly returned home to reclaim his ancestral homelands. He was a great member of the Tabby Teas team and will be sorely missed by everyone, especially Olaf!



Lola could often be found relaxing near the kitchen area, carrying out frequent quality assurance tests on the cakes and other sweet items. Despite being given a few months to adjust to life at the cafe, she never settled in properly and was re-homed to a lovely forever home in November 2018.


Omar was an extremely handsome chap who loved to snaffle food and chill out in his favourite cardboard box. Unfortunately, he passed away on Christmas Eve 2019, after struggling with a serious heart condition. Although his stay at the café was brief he left a lasting impression on everyone who met him.



Princess Jelly ruled over the cardboard box kingdom and was one of our most popular residents, necessitating mandatory handbag checks for departing guests. She is now happily rehomed and living with one of our lovely staff members!


Pudding came close to the extreme levels of sass exhibited by Luna, our resident sassministrator! She's now happily rehomed with Zelda, her sister.



Zelda was definitely a character and earned the title of silliest cat at the café. She's now happily rehomed with Pudding, her sister! 


Jiggles is a rather large chap and was a true titan of Tabby Teas. His massive frame and boisterous nature proved a little too much to handle! He is now happily rehomed with two large burly blokes, living it up in the house of chonk.