House Rules

You are visiting the cats in their home, please treat them with respect.

Do not pick up the cats.

Do not wake sleeping cats.

A minimum age limit of 10 years applies for all guests.

Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.

Wait for a cat handler to move a cat from your seat or table.

Do not feed the cats food intended for humans.

No high heeled shoes/boots.

Do not annoy the cats with toys, they will play if they want to.

No flash photography.

No laser pens.

No electronic cigarettes or vaping.

No playing of music from personal electronic devices.

Do not boop the cats on the head with the cat toys, they will play with you if they want to!

Do not touch the cats' paws, they are sensitive and they don't like them being touched.

Do not scratch the cats at the base of their tails, they don't like it and may get angry.

Please keep an eye on your food, the cats may give your food a try!