Sponsor Our Cats

We have been forced to close for a long time and current covid restrictions mean we are still unable to reopen the café.

We would be extremely grateful for any contributions towards the upkeep of the kitties and the café, so please consider sponsoring our cats to support Tabby Teas during these difficult times.

Whilst we remain closed, everyone who makes a donation will be entered into a monthly raffle to win some Tabby Teas goodies:

A pair of gift vouchers, a calendar and a tote bag.


Thank you for your generosity and continuing support!


Sponsor Geoff to ensure all critical café operations are thoroughly overseen to an exemplary standard.


Sponsor Tripod to maintain essential communication uplink with kitty command.


Sponsor Wookie to secure the stock cupboards and monitor vital kitty-cat supply levels.


Sponsor Luna to maximise ambient sass levels within the café. 


Sponsor Olaf to raise morale and boost his ear tufts to maximum floofiness.


Sponsor Mr. Jiggles to help fund his Jigglenasium membership and retain his gains.


Sponsor Domino to safeguard the café from The Ginger Boys.


Sponsor Monty to solidify his status as a Monty - Monty Man.

The Full Monty


Sponsor the entire Tabby Teas Team!

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